COVID 19 Paving the Way for Digitization and Automation Jobs

There is a Brighter Side to Every Situation

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the employment market in many ways. While some companies are hiring as usual, others are not. There are even companies that are hiring exponentially. The pandemic has forced businesses to offer remote working. Remote work used to be a reward earlier, but is no longer under the given scenario; it has become an inevitable requirement for businesses to survive.

Remote Working no Longer a Perk

The term ‘willing to relocate’ is becoming obsolete as companies are realizing that remote working not only offers flexibility for staff, but bosses are also feeling satisfied with the outcomes. Whilst working from home will assist in slowing the spread of the disease, certain employers have realized that they can save money on real estate by reducing the amount of office space.

Digitization and Automation Lead the Race

The technology sector has witnessed more positive impacts than negative ones. The pandemic has opened the doors for new-age technologies including data-driven services and AI.

As The World Economic Forum (WEF) aptly stated, “While it was a microscopic invader rather than the rise of the robots that led to the current collapse of the labour market, it has become clear that the fallout of the pandemic will accelerate digitization and automation across a range of industries and sectors.”

Keeping the above in mind, here are three emerging tech jobs of 2020.

Three Emerging Tech Jobs of 2020

#1. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

The role of AI specialists is growing fast. The AI-related roles that are in high demand as per WEF are AI specialists, data scientists, data engineers, big data developers, and data analysts.

The pandemic has also led companies to understand the relevance and scope of ML and AI. The two were already the focus of attention in the last couple of years but have taken centre stage now as more brands are realizing the potential of these tools.

Skills: ML, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Python, NLP

Job locations: San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles

Industries hiring: Computer Software, Internet, Information Technology and Services, Higher Education, Consumer Electronics.

#2. Robotics Engineer

An ageing population and change in environmental policy has led automation to take over various stages of manufacturing. There is a great demand for people who can design, develop, test and implement newer strategies to overcome these obstacles. The fields of robotics will continue to grow.

Automation and robotics engineers create, develop, test and put automated systems in place. Having a background in mechanical and electronics engineering, you will be welcomed in this thriving field.

Skills: Robotic Process Automation, UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Robotics

Job locations: San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, New York, Washington, DC, Boston

Industries hiring: Information Technology and Services, Industrial Automation, Computer Software, Financial Services, Automotive.

#3. Data Scientist

Experience and skills in analytics is the need of the hour as more and more organizations look for ways to exploit the power of data. Companies are looking for analytics professionals to implement analytics in their organization. Job postings relating to analytics on job sites like Indeed and Dice have increased exponentially over the past one year with other job sites following the queue.

Skills: ML, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark

Job locations: San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Washington, DC, Seattle, Boston

Industries hiring: Information Technology and Services, Computer Software, Internet, Financial Services, Higher Education.

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