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Strategies to Improve Workforce Productivity in your Business

Strategies to Improve Workforce Productivity in your Business

Workforce productivity is an important factor for a company's success. If your organization isn’t progressing towards improving productivity at work, many people would find it difficult to sustain in the environment.

Productivity can be challenging to achieve, especially now that workers are less receptive to old approaches. Thus, defining a framework for ensuring productivity is important.

Let’s look at some of the strategies that can help you achieve productivity at scale.


How do Organizations Hire Java Developers?

According to Statista's most recent study, JAVA maintains its position as one of the top five programming languages, accounting for about 40.2% of the pie.

Are you interested in advancing your career as a JAVA developer in a remote setting? Do you want to learn about the subtleties of recruiting that companies take into account?


Remote Work Fostering Inclusion and Diversity

According to a recent Gartner CFO survey, it was revealed that over two-thirds (74%) of the CFO’s and Finance leaders plan to permanently shift employees to remote work after the Covid-19 crisis ends.

As Covid-19 accelerated overtime, it not only impacted people’s health but also their finances. People were laid off from jobs, health care workers worked an unbeatable number of hours everyday and continue till date.


Unconventional Uses of JIRA: Marketing Management

Jira Core is an intuitive tool that is flexible enough to accommodate cumbersome processes that are part of a marketing operation. Workflows outline the sequence of steps your team will take as they’re completing a particular marketing task.

What are the elements of a workflow?

Workflows provide regular insights into task processes, people involved, and an analysis of task completion within a sprint.

3 Unconventional ways of using Jira

RulesIQ brings you a chapter series of 3 Unconventional Ways of Using JIRA . Follow this series to find out various unconventional ways to use JIRA software. All the chapters have been carefully curated by our vast network of experts in every domain.

Let’s dive in!

Have you ever sat in your office, wondering how life would be without technology? No, we don’t have to go back in time and relive those simpler yet difficult days.

Top 11 Questions For a Jira Admin Interview

RulesIQ brings you to the Interview series. Follow this series to find out the top questions professionals are asked in a particular job role. All interview questions have been carefully picked out by our vast network of experts in every domain.

Daniel has been an Atlassian enthusiast for a while. He has worked hard and gained skills as a Jira Admin.

Guide to Hiring Data Professionals

We interact with various digital touch points throughout our day. Every time we click, email, do a blog post, and much more, we generate data. Understanding and leveraging the wealth of data is no doubt a key concern for every organization today. To derive insights from these massive datasets, professionals with specialized skillsets are required. This is the key reason for the surge in demand for data specialists including data scientists and data engineers in the talent market.

Four Questions to Answer in a Big Data Interview

We can see a steady rise in the demand for skilled data professionals even during a global pandemic like COVID-19. Everybody is talking about Big Data and Data Analytics which have become kind of buzzwords. Many businesses across sectors are hiring skilled and knowledgeable candidates for making sensible and meaningful conclusion from volumes of data that they are generating day in and day out.

COVID 19 Paving the Way for Digitization and Automation Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the employment market in many ways. While some companies are hiring as usual, others are not. There are even companies that are hiring exponentially. The pandemic has forced businesses to offer remote working. Remote work used to be a reward earlier, but is no longer under the given scenario; it has become an inevitable requirement for businesses to survive.

Scale your Business by Employing Gig Workers

Gig economy refers to an economy that hires independent workers for short-term work. ‘Gig’ is a slang for a job that lasts for a limited time period. Gig employees are freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers and temporary or part-time hires. Gig employees are independent workers that are paid by the gig. The consumers requiring a specific service, for instance, a ride to their next destination, etc.

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