Comparing JIRA Admins, Consultants and Architects

We bring you the skills series and our focus in this blog will be on JIRA professionals, the skills that sets one job role apart from the other.

When we talk about agility in the workspace, only one word rings the bell, i.e. JIRA. We all know that JIRA is a project management software by Atlassian, but what many of you may not be aware of is as listed in the infographic below.

What do JIRA Professionals do?

Professionals vouch that knowledge and experience of JIRA have helped them secure better jobs. Experience in JIRA adds value to a resume in the current job market. JIRA professionals are people who are proficient in certain aspects of JIRA software. As per the roles these professionals play in an organization, their job titles vary.

Jira Administrators have application and server configuration experience, they use Jira reporting and dashboard to run BI reports with knowledge of JQL (JIRA Query Language), Scrum, Kanban and other technology frameworks with their specific KPI tools.

Jira Consultants develop plug-ins with knowledge of API development, and experience in collecting organizational process requirements, designing new development and management process for the organization and finally executing migrations.

Jira Architects with strong technical skills that include hands-on coding ability, a deep understanding of architecture and an ability to foresee and plan for changes.

Overview of JIRA Professionals (Administrator, Consultant and Architect)

Qualification Undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science or Master’s degree

Experience as JIRA Administrator

Well-versed with Atlassian product suite focussing on JIRA as a Project Administrator
Experience in consulting, technical support or software development for Atlassian products

Skilled in programming in Java, JavaScript, and Groovy

Expertise in administering Atlassian products

Consulting service experience in agile development and/or ITSM (ITIL, ISO 20000)

Good knowledge and practice of SDLC (including DVCS and Continuous Deployment)
Expert in Atlassian product suite (Jira, Confluence, and others)

Certifications and experience in project management, scaled agile/agile (SAFe), delivery or service management

Knowledge of SDLC, ITIL and agile frameworks

Technical know-how of common networking terms and tools
Salary $34,415 to $92,771 pa (per annum) $122,959 pa $153,821 - $240,074 pa

What Matters Most to a Hiring Manager Looking for JIRA Professionals?

Knowledge of hard skills tops the list, but unless it is not matched with complementary soft skills, it is of little value. To make an impression on your hiring manager in your upcoming interview, kindly review the list of soft skills outlined below.

  1. A helpful attitude
  2. Treats customers as partners
  3. Positive approach to fixing problems
  4. Creating and cultivating a relaxed work environment
  5. A team player
  6. Great communication skills
  7. Passionate about work
  8. An analytical mindframe
  9. Quality conscious

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